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Beth Chrisman

Certified and Court Qualified Document Examiner & Handwriting Expert

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I am, Beth Chrisman, a Certified and court qualified Forensic Document Examiner.

Beginning my career in 2006, I have examined over 2300 document examination cases and testified over 180 times.

Not all my cases are legal cases, sometimes I handle cases where the “truth” about a signature or handwriting is all the client is looking for.

In many cases an examination and a report will lead to a settlement in a case, helping avoid the additional trial fees.

I Will Help You With Your Questioned Document Case

For specific information regarding your case and documents, please contact my office.

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Document examiners, like any expert witnesses, do not win or loose cases. Experts report the facts of a case. It is up to each examiner to analyze the case and render an opinion supported by the documents. 

I must examine the documents in your specific case and render an opinion. Based on that opinion, you and/or your attorney will need to assess your situation and case and make the determination about my opinion being helpful to your case.

It really depends on my current case load. Typically, I can complete an examination in 3 business days. If you have a rush case, I do charge an additional fee and can typically accomodate a fast turn-around time.  

Typically, I am available via phone during normal business hours. If you need to schedule an appointment outside of normal business hours, I make every effort to accommodate my clients since most of my clients also work during normal business hours.

I am not sure if I can help with your case or not, I suggest you phone my office and talk about your specific case.

After I complete an analysis and render my opinion the best solution for any legal matter can only be determined from the advice of  legal counsel.