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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


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1. What kind of forgery / document cases do you handle?

Handwritten items and/or altered documents, this includes but is not limited to last will and testaments, contracts, divorce papers, prenuptial agreements, titles, immigration papers, loan documents, and anonymous letters/writing. Almost anything to do with paper, pen and ink and the identity of a person writing on it, or altering it via typewriter, Photoshop, or some kind of photocopy machine; I handle. I would say that I have handled just about any kind of forensic document examination case; even cases involving graffiti

The one thing I probably don’t cover is if you have, for example, a historical document of Abraham Lincoln; you need to have the paper ink tested, I will actually outsource some of the high-level ink testing to an associate of mine, but most cases don’t require ink testing. Other than ink or destructive testing, just about everything is done in-house, and I can turn your opinion around in about four to five working days, even faster if necessary. 

2.  How do I get my case started? 

To get your case started you need to get your documents to my office and make payment for services required.  Please visit the intruction page to learn the easiest way to accomplish getting your documents to me and making your payment so I can start your case as soon as possible.

3.  Do I have to have originals? Can you examine photocopies?

Yes.  I can work with photocopies and although I like to have originals and it greatly increases the level of certainty I can have in an official opinion there are many cases where originals do not exist and the opinion must be rendered using the copies.  If you have a will and testament and that will was written 30 years ago and all we have is a copy of a will, the court has to make a judgment on that.  And if you think about it, if they didn’t allow photocopies in court then anyone who destroyed an original or fabricated a forged document and then destroyed the actual original, then they would win every time.  So it would be an open season for forgery victims as well as forgers if photocopies were not allowed.  With that being said, don’t let a lack of originals stall your case.  In many cases giving me photocopies or faxing the documents, can get an initial verbal opinion which can drastically help an attorney’s strategy, or your strategy, for the next part of the case.  If you have concerns about this please call my office.

4.  How much will my case cost? 

My fees are always consistent with no hidden costs. You can visit my Services and Fees page for a complete listing.

If you have 1 document that is allegedly forged and want a verbal opinion the cost is $495. To turn that verbal opinion into a written opinon letter it will be an additional $195, for a total of $690. If you have more than 1 document you believe to be forged the cost is $100 per additional document. For example, if you had 2 documents in question the fee would be $495 plus $100 for a total of $595 for a verbal opinon.

5.  How long will it take to get my official opinion?

Normally, it will take 3 business days from the receipt of the documents and payment.

6.  How do I get my documents to your laboratory for inspection?

You can visit my Instructions page to see your many options. You can fax, email, or snail mail your documents to me.






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