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Services and Fees

Initial Consultation - 1/2 hour
No Charge
Verbal Opinion
Upgrade from Verbal to Written (already paid $300.00)
Written Opinion
Each additional questioned document

Opinion Report - Notarized

(already paid $300.00)

Retainer Fee

Attorney Consultation

(hourly rate)

Deposition Time (hourly)
Court Display Preparation (hourly)

Court Testimony (per day)

{must be paid in full prior to court}


Special Pricing

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On-Site Inspection of Document (hourly, plus expenses)

Courier Service

(retained by client)

Paid by Client
Postage/Delivery Fees
Postage/Delivery Fees-Ground
Postage/Delivery Fees-2nd Day
Postage/Delivery Fees-Overnight

Travel Costs:

Driving (hourly, plus $.60 per mile)


(cost of ticket, plus hourly travel time)

Lodging (per night or actual cost)
Driving (hourly, plus $.50 per mile)

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